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Are you planning to start an iPhone repair business? While there are multiple details you need to keep an eye on, but the most important one is to find a good quality iPhone replacement parts supplier. Star Phone Parts is one of the UK’s top replacement parts for iPhone suppliers based in the UK. 

According to the general perception, expensive parts are mostly considered good quality parts. However, when it comes to Star Phone Parts, we make sure to sell good quality replacement screens and parts to your repair business at the lowest prices possible.

Looking for iPhone Replacement Screens or iPhone Battery Batteries? We have them all in stock!

Wholesale iPhone Replacement Screens:

For iPhone In-Cell Screens & Digitizers Replacement Assembly

iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen

Star Phone Parts has iPhone In-Cell screens in stock. They are available in Black colour. We are shipping products all over the UK, EU, Ireland, USA, Canada, and all around the globe. If you are looking for any other iPhone Screen click here

  • installation Test ✅
  • The screen fits very well on iPhone housing
  • Polarizer Test Film? ✅
  • The test indicates outstanding visibility with the PPO3 screen.
  • Polarizer Test Sunglasses? ✅
  • The test proves extraordinary image performance even when you are wearing sunglasses
  • Hydrophobic Effect Comparison? ✅
  • Has the 2ND best hydrophobicity test after OEM iPhone Screens (water liquid)
  • Display Test  Backlight Test? ✅
  • No issues of backlight leakage and shadow
  • Illumination uniformity? ✅
  • Has no clearly visible shadows, spots or corona.
  • Display Test LCD Resolution? ✅
  • Has correct high resolution and has no pixelation.
  • Display Test HO3 at different viewing angels? ✅
  • There are no obvious colour changes from different angles. PPO3 screen always keeps the same colour.

For iPhone Changed Refurbished LCD Screens & Digitizers Replacement Assembly

iPhone 12/12 pro

Looking for genuine refurbished iPhone LCD Screen Digitizer Replacement Assembly wholesale?  Order it now at Star Phone Parts.

-100% genuine apple LCD/OLED
-Best quality screens on the market
-Cold-pressed frames
-360’ view polarizer
-Refurbished in the UK
-Every screen is individually tested to ensure the best quality
-Lifetime warranty

For iPhone OEM Screens & Digitizers Replacement Assembly

The best quality screens for iPhones are the OEM quality. For more details email [email protected] We are open to serving you from 10 am to 6 pm (UK Standard time), 5 days a week; Monday-Friday. If you are looking for any other iPhone Screen click here

Replacement Parts For iPhone:

Replacement Rear Back Camera Module Flex Cable For iPhone

If you have been searching for e-stores to buy Replacement Rear Back Camera Module Flex Cable For iPhone. Get in touch with us via call/WhatsApp on +44 208 125 3805. For Next Day Delivery, you should order before 3 pm and for Special Saturday delivery, you have to place an order before noon. We also offer same-day Delivery *Terms & Conditions applied.

Replacement Rear Back Camera Lens For iPhone

Star Phone Parts have a large stock of iPhone parts that also includes a rear back camera lens for the iPhone that are ready to ship. We have camera lenses for all iPhone models  Order right away in bulk. We are selling them at the most affordable prices in the UK and the best part is that we are shipping worldwide.

Jellico iPhone Internal Battery

Original Jellico iPhone Internal Battery

We provide these high-quality Jellico iPhone batteries at the most affordable prices along with convenient payment and shipping methods. Buy in bulk and get discounted rates today! 

Add the required products to your cart or if you need help, our live website diligent customer service is always there to help because we make sure to build trust and connection shaping your and our business for the better. 

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