Samsung Screens & Parts

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Galaxy G Series Screens

Samsung S20+ / G985
Samsung S20 / G980
Samsung S20 Lite / G780
Samsung S20 Ultra / G988
Samsung S20 Fe
Samsung S10 Lite / G770
Samsung S10 / G973
Samsung S10+ / G975
Samsung S9+ / G965
Samsung S7 Edge / G935
Samsung S7 / G930
Samsung S6 / G920
Samsung S5 / G900
Samsung S5 Mini
Samsung S5 Neo / G903
Samsung S9 / G960
Samsung S8 Edge
Samsung S8 / G950
Samsung S8+ / G955
Samsung S6 Edge+ / G928
Samsung S6 Edge / G925
Samsung S10E / G970
Samsung XCover
Samsung Core Prime

Galaxy Note Series Screens

Samsung Note 20 / N980
Samsung Note 20 Ultra / N985
Samsung Note 10 Lite / N770
Samsung Note 10 / N970
Samsung Note 10+ / N975
Samsung Note 9 / N960
Samsung Note 8 / N950
Samsung Note 5 / N920
Samsung Note 4 / N910
Samsung Note 4 Edge
Samsung Note 3 / N9005
Samsung Note 3 Neo
Samsung Note 2 / N7100
Samsung Note 1 / N7000

Galaxy J Series Screens

Samsung J1 / J100
Samsung J1 Ace/J110
Samsung J2 / J210
Samsung J2 Pro/J250
Samsung J3 2015/J300
Samsung J4/J400
Samsung J4 Plus/J610
Samsung J5/J500
Samsung J7/J700-10-30
Samsung J7 Prime/G610
Samsung J8/J810
Samsung J1 Mini
Samsung J3 2016/J320
Samsung J3 2017/J330
Samsung J6 2018 / J600
Samsung J1 2016 / J120
Samsung J5 2016/J510
Samsung J5 2017/JJ530

Galaxy A Series Screens

Samsung A01/A015
Samsung A2 Core/A260
Samsung A5/A510-20
Samsung A6/A600
Samsung A6 Plus/A605
Samsung A7/A700
Samsung A8/A530
Samsung A8 Plus/A730
Samsung A9/A920
Samsung A10/A105
Samsung A10e/A102
Samsung A10s/A107
Samsung A11/A115
Samsung A20/A205
Samsung A20e/A202
Samsung A20s/A207
Samsung A21s/A217
Samsung A30/A305
Samsung A30s/A307
Samsung A40/A405
Samsung A41/A415
Samsung A42 5G
Samsung A50/A505
Samsung A51/A515
Samsung A70/A705
Samsung A71/A715
Samsung A80/A805

Galaxy M Series Screens

Samsung F Series Screens

Samsung Fold / F900
Samsung Z Flip
Samsung Z Fold 2

Other Samsung Screens

Samsung C Series
Samsung S Series - Wave
Samsung Diva S7070
Samsung Y S5360
Samsung Fame / S6810
Samsung Omnia M S7530 LCD
Samsung S Duos S7562 LCD
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