About Us

Star Phone Parts is one of the largest distributor and wholesaler of mobile phone parts in the UK with over a decade from its various service centres and it’s flagship online store www.starphoneparts.com. For mobile phone repair shops, Star Phone Parts is synonymous to good quality wholesale mobiles phone parts in the UK. With over a decade of experience supplying quality phone parts to mobile store nationwide, we have now launched a brand new online wholesale store at www.starphoneparts.com to serve the entire UK and EU market.


Widest Variety

As a busy store owner, you don’t want to go to ten different websites or suppliers to get your phone parts and accessories. At Star Phone Parts, we have over 9000 products on our website and are constantly adding new ones so you can always find all the popular spare phone parts required to serve your customers.

Best Price

Star Phone Parts service across the UK and EU. This gives us the economy of scale advantage and we are able to pass that advantage on to our customers in the form of great pricing. Have you noticed that the pricing on Star Phone Parts is considerably cheaper than another website? Well, now you know the reason! We hope you will take advantage of the best price offered by Star Phone Parts.

Experience In Wholesale

We are an experienced and dedicated company looking to provide the best quality phone spare parts and accessories. We have quickly taken the top spot in the industry by offering not only great components but also the best customer service. Star Phone Parts success to date has mainly been built on our dedication to providing excellent service, treating each client as special and going the extra mile, whenever necessary, to find the right products and services.

High Standards

Maintaining high quality and ensuring high standards of corporate responsibility have also served us well since we set up more than a decade ago. We have gained the international quality system approval ISO 9000: 2001. We strive to build and maintain close links with customers and suppliers throughout the supply chain. We expect all our associates to comply with international standards of business practice and to adhere to social, ethical and environmental responsibilities.

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