VAT Verified Trader

How to become a Star Phone Parts Europe VAT Verified Trader

Get rid of the VAT from your invoices

0% VAT for non UK companies if you are VAT registered company in Europe. We would require your VAT certificate to be verified by the authorities.

In order to become one of our VAT Verified Traders you will need to go through the following steps

1. Place your first order

2. When you get to the checkout, write down your VAT code in the VAT field (as shown in the picture)

3. After you have completed the payment, we will then confirm that your VAT Number is valid, refund the VAT from your first order and activate your account as a VAT Verified Trader.

4. The moment you will become a verified trader, all the prices and new orders will be shown without VAT.


Q. Why am i getting charged VAT on my first order?

A. As soon as we have verified VAT number the VAT charge will be refunded.

Q. Will i be charged VAT on my next orders?

A. No as soon as your VAT number is verified your next orders will be VAT exempted.

Q. What is the advantage of becoming a VAT Verified Trader on

A. The advantage is that your orders will be VAT free, meaning that you will not be charged VAT for any order you place with us.

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